Thursday, November 24, 2005


Anthony at a week:

Dominic at three and a half weeks:

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Anthony Pics

In no particular order:

This one is for our friend Christian:

I make boys!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Halloween in Northern Virginia

At first glance, you would swear that our house is in the middle of a beautiful Appalachian autumn. Seriously, not since I was a kid in northern Ohio have I had a yard this covered with golden, red, and orange foliage.

Here's the kicker, apparently our house is the only one in all of Northern Virginia (or at least on our street) where it is actually autumn. I'm not kidding.

Looking south down our street:

Looking north:

We've managed to survive this quasi-Twilight Zone and even to have a little fun, especially with Halloween, the first one the boy could actually enjoy. It helps that he has a friend across the street, and that the friend has other friends, and the other friends have moms, and all the moms get all the friends together and have things they call "parties." Here are some shots of the Halloween party:

As you can see, we've dusted off the old caterpillar costume, miniaturized it, added arms, and stuck it on the boy. Just kidding, his mother made a new one, so my boy and me matched. Awesome. Then the boy came to the realization that he could just go to people's doors, smile, and they would give him candy. Even more awesome. Here are some shots of the big night:

Another terrorized kid.